Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quick Catch-ya-Up!

It's been a while since I posted last. . . and since that time Fuzz and I have joined Instagram (@channingiverson and @fuzzgolfs ) and have been posting all of our craziness there. . . consequently, I've been slacking on the blogging. I'm sorry. Here's a quick summary of what we've been up to:
We celebrated Easter with our adopted family for the day;) We had already planned on having the Elders over for dinner, but then last minute invited our friend Janice, and her adorable grand kids. The Easter bunny had left his surprises for them at our house. . . it was the silliest thing! We still can't figure out why;) We had an Easter egg hunt too--- the Missionaries hid them in our jungle of a backyard, and then the kids went hunting and found them. So fun!
I threw a baby shower for my friend Andrea last weekend, she's having her first girl, after three boys. . .  and I couldn't be happier for her! We had so much food, and fun, and her little Antigone got "showered" with a ton of adorable and useful gifts.

 Happy Cinco de Mayo! We celebrated it with church. . . where we had a special treat, a General Authority came to speak to us! Elder Valensuela came and spoke to us--- it was such a neat experience for all of us. Later that afternoon my harp students had their first actual Harp Recital. We combined with my student's mother's dance student, and some other musicians. It was lots of fun! They did awesome-- I was so proud of them!



Even McKenna got to perform! I've been teaching her on skype and so we had her perform on skype for everyone at the recital! It worked out great and she did a fantastic job-- I love My Ken!
Got this the other day in the mail! My little brother Shaye-babe is graduating!!! I can't say enough good about this kid--- I just love and adore him! And seriously, what a stud!

It's kinda a bummer celebrating Mother's Day without our mom's without being there with them, but I hope they know how much we love and miss them. We are just so grateful to have them in our lives. What wonderful women they are, and how truly blessed we are to have them for our Mothers.
Well Fuzz and I are getting ready for one of the most amazing adventures of our lives. . . can't wait to write and post all about it. . . I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!! It won't be until June. . . but I promise it'll be worth the wait;)


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy March!!!


We LOVE March! First of all, it marks the beginning of Spring
-- and all the beautiful blossoms begin blooming, colorizing up our world bringing life back into it! Both of our birthdays are in March, St. Patty's day-- or "Green Day" (which is both of our favorite colors) and Pi(e) Day on 3.14 ;) Not to mention SPRING BREAK--which I don't really get anymore, but my husband does. . . and so that means he has time to work on projects he's been wanting to and take care of my list of Honey-please-do's;).
Fuzz was gone for my birthday weekend but he made up for it;) I came home from work to find these along with my most favorite present. . . a birthday card from him. Thanks Fuzz!
We celebrated our birthday with our friends and had a double birthday bash for both of us with pizza, cake and cupcakes-- I ate way too much, and was so busy visiting with friends I was a lame-o and didn't snap any pics to document it. O well.. we had fun!
 Then it was Fuzz's Birthday!!! I was off that day so we got to partay all day!
We went for the third year in a row to Five Guys for Fuzz's Birthday-- one of our favs!
Then we went to OZ--- it was Ozsome!
 Fuzz got to blow out his candles on his Rice Crispy bunt cake I made him (we were caked out for our dbl birthday party, so I thought we'd change it up.)
BIG 29!!!!
We were so excited to find out that the COLOR RUN was coming to Lubbock!! It started in Utah and has caught on like wildfire and has been hugely successful! It's a 5k that you go through like 4 different stations of color and get drenched in colored chalk and then at the very end of the race they have like a concert where they throw out tons of free prizes and color and then have countdowns like every ten min for everyone to throw their chalk up in the air and create a cloud of COLOR!! We signed up with our friends and did it all together-- here's our clean white before pictures:

Lubbock gave the Color Run a permit for 10,000 runners--- but that sold out so quickly that they asked for 5,000 more spots----- here are the apx 15,000 people that showed up for the run!

Here is our Texas Tech Red Raider, and the Color Run Unicorn-- they were shooting out free t-shirts and prizes. Ironically, our friend Ashley that came with us was asked to be there as her other alias, The Masked Rider, but told them that she was actually going to run it as "Ashley" instead.

 The race started at 9:00.

           We arrived shortly after 8:00.

                            We didn't actually even make it to the actually START of the race until about 10:30.

I got up on Fuzz's shoulders to get an idea of how far we were away from the START. . . unfortunately this picture doesn't even show it. . . . it was so far away! So this is a view of what lie ahead. . .  and below is what was behind us. . .

People started handing me their camera to take pictures of them in the crowd, Fuzz began yelling "Who else want picta----$2 two dolla!!" unfortunately we didn't have any more takers;)

After about an hour and a half of standing in line we finally made it to the START!!! We were so excited to finally get running. Our friends lil boy had been the most patient 1 1/2 year old, but he was anxious for us to get moving! He started yelling RACE, RACE, RACE!!!! And was overjoyed when we actually began running!
               They had the School of Rock jamming along the route -- Eye of the Tiger BABY!!!

 Here are our afters ;)


We decided that this event would make a great TIDE commercial. It took a double cycle to do it. . . however, we were able to get all of our stuff clean again!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Titan Missionaries from Olympus Class of 2012 Opening the Mission Call

They played this video at the end of the adult session of our stake conference last night. And since missionaries hold a special place in our hearts;) we thought we'd share it with y'all! So neat. Keep a tissue close. . .

Brittan's Homecoming!!!

We had the blessing of being able to go home for Brittan's homecoming last week. Wow-- he's grown so much, what a special experience it was for him to serve. He had such a life changing experience and is on this amazing spiritual high, that I must admit is highly contageous. :) We flew in for the weekend and got to be there for his Homecoming at church, and Tiff, Tara, and I even got to perform a musical number together for it. It's so fun playing together again! They are so extremely talented, it's such a treat to be able to get to play with them whenever I come home. Brittan gave an emotional report of his mission and of those that he was able to meet with, learn from, and serve. He told us all that he loves us and was so excited to be able to come home and see us, and remembered how hard it was to leave Utah and his family to go to Richmond, but that it was even harder to leave Virginia to come back home, he has just such a deep love for those people.
While we were home, mom had this great idea to start our own Sevy family reunions. Mom and Dad were in charge of our first one this year, and had an entire day filled with activities for us to do together. We all went to the temple together-- that was amazing. We fed the ducks together, and did crafts with all the little kids, we went and got treats, and my favorite. . . played LET'S MAKE A DEAL!!!  Dad went to town with it and had a mic and game-show music playing throughout. There were all kinds of boxes, and envelopes, and Zonks! We even had a scavenger hunt, and costumes we had to wear- haha it was so much fun;)

Poor Shay's body got hashed playing rugby, and then Trav got a black eye from his game-- Dad brought out a box of dress-up's and said we had 30 seconds to pick out our costume and the first one finished got a prize--- everyone looked amazing!;);)

Mylee was such a great "duck-feeder" they followed her everywhere.
Ellsie and Kai loved feeding the ducks! They were both kind of shy at first but by the time we were out of bread they were both so sad to leave the ducks;(

  We are all spread out so we seldom get to all be together, so it was neat for us to be able to be together again;) Here's Tiffie with baby Kai.


Ellsie kind of remembers me;) We skype sometimes, but I hadn't seen her for about a year. She has the most adorable personality it was so fun to play with her and lil Kai.


Shaye and Travis were in an international rugby tournament in Las Vegas, so we got to all go down and watch them play-- It's a rough sport-- but they're tough and played awesome!

Ellsie and Kai were both born while Brittan was gone but they got to know him real quick, they both just LOVE their uncle Brittan!

Ellsie is an amazing dancer! Haha and singer-- she's a lil performer, just like her mama;)

We had a big luncheon after Brittan's "homecoming." Friends and family came over from the church to meet together. Here's two of my most favorite Aunts-- Aunt Carol, and Aunt Jill.

Sean and Melissa drove down from the Salt Lake area to see Brittan and the rest of the clan. Here's Sean with Uncle Kent.


 Ken, Fuzz's dad, was nice enough to come out to the homecoming too. It was fun to be able to see him and spend time with him too!



Here's Tiff with a few of our cousins;)
Me and Ellsie got to hang out for a sec;)

Here's Shaye with Kayla, his cute lil girly friend.
Here's Fuzz with Grandpa Iverson. Such a sweet guy;)
It was so much fun to be home but eventually we had to leave and come back to Lubbock. . . . . . . . . just in time for Valentines Day;)

I came home from work to find this surprise from my Valentine;) Flowers, candy and his version of an edible arrangement! What a Sweetheart!!!
Hope everyone else had great Valentines!